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Official [SOCOM on PC] Release Thread (Tutorial & Links)
October 25th, 2017 at 2:19am, (This post was last modified: January 30th, 2018 at 7:38am by TewSlo.)
Star  Official [SOCOM on PC] Release Thread (Tutorial & Links)

SOCOM on PC includes:
- X-Link Online Support (Play Online with our large community via LAN)
- SOCOM II DLC Maps Support
- SOCOM : Combined Assault DLC Maps Support
- Microphone Support
- 60 frames per second
- Better Graphics (MSAA & Up to X8 Native!)
- All SOCOM patches included (R0001/R0004/R0005)
- No-Lag
- X-Link compatible (ready for setup)
- Easy 10 minute install
- Comes with disc files
- Consistently improved

Join us on Steam!

For updates check us out at:


Download is ready for SOCOM on PC. This edition makes it lag-free (running off even a bootleg laptop APU) with Microphone Support and HDD support. Read carefully and DELETE ALL OTHER PCSX2 FILES. DO NOT COPY ANY MEMCARDS OR PLUGINS TO THIS INSTALL. Download at bottom.

1) Install SOCOM on PC, and install SOCOM on PC Settings in your Documents folder. (should be like C:\SOCOM on PC\[files])

2) Install TAP driver from C:\SOCOM on PC\

3) Configure X-Link to use the GUI instead of the Web Browser view, and change the capture device to the TAP driver.

4) Open SOCOM on PC, Click Config>Dev9>Plugin Settings.

5) Make sure Enable Ethernet is checked off and click settings.

6) Select Tap as your Connection Method and the TAP driver as the Adapter.

7) Make sure the Intercept DHCP is checked off and use this video above to find help find your PCSX2 MAC addres

8) Use PCSX2 MAC Address and type in the last 4 characters into ( Here you will use this IP address to put into the IP selection of your DEV9 plugin.

9) Your DEV9 should read as: <---- use from X-Link Calculator <--- no matter what you default gateway actually is.

10) Click Okay and Now on SOCOM PCSX2 click CDVD> ISO Selector. Navigate to C:\PCSX2 and click SOCOM II R0001-R0005

11) After click File>Run Elf and go to C:\SOCOM PCSX2\R0005 Patches\

Select R0005v57b.elf and the patch will load, game will begin.

12) Select LAN, use the X-Link Config provided (do not edit)

13) Change your name using the same format for clan tag and name


Any errors or issues please ask.


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